Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy v.1.1

This Statement was formally approved by the Executive on 31st January 2022.


This Modern Slavery Statement (“this Statement”) is made pursuant to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes Fortesium’s (“the Organisation”) anti-slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ended 31st March 2023.

The Organisation is a company limited by guarantee and incorporated in the UK, that engages with national and international Organisations in order to provide its services.

This can include engaging with suppliers in order to provide or receive services that support its operational activities. It is committed to taking the appropriate measures to reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking taking place in our Organisation or our supply chains.

Activities of the Company

The Organisation may, deliver software as a service and software development services in the UK and internationally.  It may also engage with suppliers to support the Organisation’s operational activities, including:

  • Human Resources
  • Facilities (including premises and information technology) Management and Security
  • Events, Publications and Meetings
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Asset Control and Investment Management

Policy Details

The Organisation is conscious of its social responsibilities with regards to helping the environment through its working practices. The objective is not only to sustain the environment for following generations, but also to rehabilitate the damage previously done. It believes its corporate responsibility goes beyond its proprietary borders and therefore every effort will be made to conserve resources throughout its operations.  As such, it will try to not only meet existing environmental laws and regulation, but will endeavour to go beyond the status quo.

Awareness and Commitment

Our policy towards the environment will be readily available and promoted to our clients. We will endeavour to ensure staff and clients are familiar with and implement our environmental commitment and objectives.



The Organisation will endeavour to reduce the impact on the environment where ever possible with respect to transport, it will.

  • seek and employ local products and services to reduce transport costs.
  • avoid unnecessary travel, and will use energy efficient vehicles and driving styles.
  • encourage the use of public transport, cycle or foot.

Energy & Water Consumption

The Organisation accepts a share of the UK’s commitment to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions both by attaining greater efficiency in total energy consumption and by continuing to examine the possibility of acquiring electricity from ‘green’ sources as finances allow, it will.

  • make every effort to use water efficiently and avoid pollutants entering the drainage system.
  • use energy efficient products wherever practical, and monitor usage to achieve minimum energy consumption.

Waste Generation and Management

The Organisation will try to minimize the production of waste and pollution; including unnecessary packaging, it will. implement measures to reduce the volume of waste generated and to increase the proportion of that waste which is recycled, it will.

  • recycle bins for glass, paper, plastic, and cans/tins.
  • recycle technical equipment wherever possible, and as finances allow, in particular in supporting charitable activities.

Materials and Resources

The Organisation will try to minimize environmental impact with regard to sourcing materials and resources, it will.

  • avoid using materials which have an undesirable effect on the environment, and wherever possible use locally made recycled goods.
  • try to use contractors who also share a commitment to the environment, and take into account lifetime costs of materials when repairing, altering or rebuilding premises.
  • maximize use of electronic communication and information storage as an alternative to paper, and promote this approach to its clients.

Natural Environment

In so far as it is able, the Organisation will help to protect and enhance natural habitats and wildlife, take appropriate opportunities to enhance them and be sensitive to landscape issues. Look to minimize impact on local wildlife, and to look for opportunities to work with the local community in caring for the local environment.

Staff Awareness

All Staff are required to make themselves aware of the Organisation’s policy requirements, including measures to minimise the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking where appropriate.


Julian Khan